Beauty Beyond Words

How dazzling gorgy you are!

You are charming.

You look gorgeous, and fantastic!

You are infinitely attractive!

You are absolutely delectable.

Your hair is really stunning,

it sparkles with life.

I love the way that you do your hair

In a subtle way your hair is so immaculate,

It looks so natural, it seems so springy and so full of vitality!

You are the most perfect creature I have ever seen,

You look great, you are great!

Then, there is your eyes,

Those dark enchanting eyes,

With their thick curly lashes!

Such long and dense lashes,

Could it be that they help create that fascinating, mysterious look?

I could totally lose myself in those eyes;

I could gaze into them forever.

When ever I stare into your eyes,

I see that they shine as brightly as stars

When I catch your gaze, I am enthralled

And your look holds me forever captivated

Your nose so perfect, so cute and yet so classical in beauty

And as finely chiselled as any work of art.

Damn! You beautiful,

And those cheek bones,

They add such a definition to your face;

They make you look alluring!

And further, to add to this picture of loveliness,

So exquisite, so perfect.

I must not forget to mention the most irresistible part of your face

That divine mouth of yours!

Those lips look so animated, so firm

And yet achingly inviting, within their natural curves.

In my mind, your lips taste so sweet;

I give anything in the world to sample them!

What a thrill I have when you smile at me with those luscious lips

I find your beauty overwhelming

And I search words to describe you.

Each and every feature of your face brings definition;

Especially designated designed

to contribute to that unparalleled masterpiece.

Your are beauty personified,

So sweet, so gracious and so delightful to look at!

Your temptation is irresistible!

Your beauty is captivating!

You are a height of sophistication

and refinement with such a warm vibrant personality

Yes, you are perfect in ever way.

You are my wildest dream come true.




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