In The Summer

When I met you in the summer,

to the sky as a shell 

of thin transparent glass,

like living in a light bulb,

enclosing a late heaven 

of a summer day.

The sun was like a canopy,

emerged into incandescent blue,

above the dappled sunlight 

golden on the grass.

We had believed

in an eternity,

of wild nights and drunken parties,

slipping toxic hands over

sweaty bodies,

tangling bed sheets with our 

birthday suits,

and we carved a forever in

lost memories 

and unaccountable regrets

When I met you in the summer

of love and forlorn and lies,

you acted so innocent.

but spoke not an ounce of truth.

When I truly met you

When you were no longer just a face

Sitting in a pew

And I know this isn’t just a phase

I feel at ease with you

A summer of exploration

From the edge of your mind

To the corner of your lips

You’re my destination

As the leaves die and wither

Our romance buds

And slowly it will grow

Encompassing our souls.



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