To You There


Some time later,


Soon than you think,

I’ll see your eyes stare back at me

I’ll see your gaze bore into mine

And your smile will set me free


We’ll talk and talk for days

We’ll drink all night

And wake up in a haze

And then we’ll gaze

 into each other’s eyes

It’ll all be a surprise

But there’s one problem—

I don’t know your name

I don’t know your address either

And so I cannot look for you

What color of the eyes

 do make time stand still

What tint of skin gives me a thrill

What type of kiss leaves me aglow

But somehow, someday, I will know.


Our hearts will share 

our every dream

Our minds will spill our every thought

Our souls will intertwine and gleam


We’ll watch the setting sun

We’ll walk along the beach

till dusk

You’ll be the only one for me

And a ‘we’ shall we be

And always we will remain true

But there’s one problem—

I don’t know your name

I haven’t met you yet, you see

And I don’t know—

What type of clothes

 you’ll like to wear

What you’ll be like;

What’s your hair colour

or whether you’ll say

 we not good enough….

But somehow,



I will get to know you.




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